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 Cover (Issue 005)
Structural Intergrity
D.C. Developer’s Projects Respect The Past While Heightening The Present
By Paul Pavwoski
1,184 Words
Developing History – Rudy Seikaly, CEO of MCN Corp.  

 Portada(Edición 005)
Paty Manterola
¡Que no pare!
Por Gerardo Cruz
1,102 palabras
Paty Manterola  

Financial Power at Work
Dynamic Father & Son Duo of Ramirez & Company Conquer Wall Street
By Jeanette Dove
1,060 Words
Samuel Ramirez, Sr. & Jr.  

Don Plácido
¡Bravo, Maestrissimo!
Por Francisco Ayala Silva
630 palabras
Placido Domingo  

Designs in Charge
Vesta Proves to be more than Accessible Luxury
By Jeanette Dove
1,108 Words
Sabi (L), Georgie (M) and Lichelle (R) Bernadette  

Nicolás Felizola
diseñador de las estrellas
Por Tatiana Berman
1,026 palabras
Nicolas Felizola  
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